Sunday, 3 March 2013

February Favourites....

This month i have been trying out alot more products to try and improve my skin with it having so many bad days and also my hair i wanted to strengthen it abit more. Ive been loving trying out more products and being out of my comfort zone with certain products. Aside from the beauty this month has been an okayish month ive been so bogged down with uni work and i cant wait till easter when i get my next break. Anways here are my faves for this month :)

The first item i have been loving is the Elemis Enzyme peel. If you havent read my review on it then go and check it out!! its the best exfoliator ive ever used!! It has a gorgeous smell, a cream like texture not bitty and works amazing on your skin. I have too much love for this little beauty!! 
Ive been loving painting my nails more frequently but still find it a pain having to take off my varnish after 3 days to then being able paint them again because of work and this pretty quik remover does the job. So simple to use and cheap. Its quite small aswell so its handy to travel with aswell!! All you need do is swirl your nail around in the spongey part inside and then you are all ready to go.
The Barry m gelly hi shine nail varnishes have really been my go to colours this month. Ive already for the pinky/red colour and this blueberry one just adds to my little collection. They are so shiny and stay on so well. Beautiful colours that are ideal for spring/summer or if you are like me and want to see abit of high colour on your nails on a daily basis. 
The vitamin c reviver spray from body shop has been more of a trial with this product as ive used the range previously but the serum. Ive loved using this in a morning after my shower as its so fruity and refreshing. Its been amazing to wake my skin up and also me :) but overall ive seen more of a difference in my skin alot more brighter and has helped to keep my skin looking more radiant. 
The next product ive been loving is the herbal essence leave in treatment. Ive found that its made my split ends none existant and my hair feels so nourished and stronger. I havent been using many heated hair tools this month and i think that by having abit of time out with that and using this hair treatment as an intensive nourishment its really worked wonders.
 The last item ive been loving is the sammy o thickening spray. I have really thin and fine hair so anything that gives me abit more thickness is what i really need. This little beauty has made my hair feel and look alot thicker near my crown and as enabled me to try out more hairstyles.
What have been your favourites this month?


  1. I want to try these Barry M polishes. I'm such a nail polish addict!

    Lovely blog :)

    Elise Dopson xxx

  2. I have wanted to try this Gelly Barry M polish in this shade for so long but I have never gotten around to buying it! Lovely post, I now follow you! Would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog...

    Chloe xx

  3. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3


  4. Oh I like the sound of the thickening spray, by the sounds of it my hair is the same as yours so I might give it a try

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  5. I really like the look of the Blue Barry M Gelly nail polish - I love them! xx

  6. love the elemis peel! it's one of my empties this month :)) xxx

  7. ive been loving the barry m gelly nail paints too, theyre amazing! lovely blog, im a new follower!xx

  8. Ooo I love Fat Hair! It works sooo well! I used to use it all the time to create crazy big hair :D


  9. I haven't used Barry M nail polish in so long, but I've been dying to try the Gelly formulas and spring is coming, so there isn't a better time to break out the pastels! :) I followed, thank you for linking me.
    Could you check out my blog? xx

  10. Love the barry m nail polish!


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