Thursday, 14 March 2013

My little blog.......

So today ive read alot of mixed messages whether google reader is going and gfc but just incase i thought id write a mini post just to keep you up to date where to find me :)
I just want to thank all my readers how much it means to me on how far my blog has come in 2 and abit months. I love blogging and i love being able to speak to you all!
So where to find me......
Twitter: LovexBeauty91
Hello Cotton:
And of course if any of you lovely people want a chit chat or a talk about anything at all. Im here to help and chat away :) My email address is:


  1. Oh no where did you read this ?!?!


    1. Its been all over twitter yesterday but i think gfc will go soon if google reader is going :( xxxxxxxx

  2. I'm not sure if GFC is going or if it's just a rumour. Google was always going to get rid of GFC for 'non-blogging' sites, but it doesn't say anything about blogger!



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