Monday, 25 March 2013

How to get a 'spring' in your step...

My all time fave seasons are spring and summer. I hate being cold and so the months where its warm and going on holidays is what i enjoy best!! After the cold months i tend to get of my so called hibernation time and embark on a few changes. The spring is such a pretty season where the birds chirp away and the nature come out to play. The weather is that tad bit warmer (not so far) and going on long walks is ideal. 
Spring cleaning is one of those times where it is definately needed after the winter season i accumulate so much stuff from christmas and have to have a good sort out. This is where i go through all my unwanted clothes, shoes, bags etc and get rid. I try to not see cleaning as a chore more of a process of unwanted things out meaning more time to shop for new things. Always a good way to see it :) By thinking like this is wont become a dreaded task and will be more enjoyable. 
The next thing i do which links on to the spring cleaning is organising. I like to swap clothes around into my wardrobe so introducing more weather appropriate items that can  be worn when the weather is abit warmer and swaping my winter boots for cute ballet pumps. Some of the times il put things onto ebay or donate to charity shops of the things that i dont want.
After the winter season i tend to feel very unhealthy after stuffing my face with food at christmas and the months after so i like to start getting healthy and exercise. I tend to do pilates at home and zumba at the gym at least twice a week. When the weather is warmer il go on walks and go swimming. Depending on my mood il either stick with light or intensive workouts but it really improves my mood and makes me think alot clearer. 
A new season means a new update to the hair and makeup. Even though i buy makeup on a regular basis i still like to stock up on spring like items such as pastel nail varnishes which are always in and lovely bright lipsticks which im getting more into :) This gives me a great boost with myself and help me get into spring abit more. 
What do you like about spring? anything that you do to get into the mood of spring?


  1. What a beautiful picture <3 I love winter and snow, but not in March.. But who's asking us :D
    Spring is lovely, I'm looking forward awakening of the nature, flowers on the ground so you get a feeling like it's some nice snow, riding a bike.. It really is perfect season for a new beginning, in every sense :)

    1. Me too :) looking forward to wearing more spring/summer colours yayyyy :) xx


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