Friday, 1 March 2013

Window shopping online...

My shopping centre isnt exactly the best place for a girl who likes a good splurge on clothes. Dont get me wrong i arent complaining because we do have a few of the highstreet brands so its better then nothing eh? About 70% of my shopping will be done online nowadays just for the simple fact i like options, its quicker and also i like to find unique pieces. This post is just a little review and of my opinion on the two online shops that have caught my eye.....

FD Avenue is an online fashion clothing store which brings the latest trends and up to date fashions at affordable price tags. Each week beautiful new styles are added allowing much more variety. The new in section of the website consists of all the latest trends for the season. 

Image 1Image 1

The couple of pieces that have caught my eye in this section is the gorgeous high wasted satin skater skirt for £14.99. This price is half the fraction that i have seen on the high street so its really affordable. The other piece that has caught my eye is this gorgeous lace back cap sleeve maxi dress in coral for £17.99. Now if i was abit taller then i think this would be my fave piece of item for spring/summer its so versatile and could be dressed up or down. 

This website also has the usual sections like dresses, skirts, tops etc but what caught my eye is that they have a small selection of fancy dress items which i think is really unique. Also they do nightwear with cute thermal socks which if they have pjs in then i would be straight on buying them :) 

I love also that they have a section for curvy people which i havent seen alot of online which i think is so good as a shop just to sell to a variety of shapes and sizes so a big thumbs up for that!! They also have a section with the latest trends and the clothes that are with that trend. So if you are after a certain look that is in for that particular season then you can just go straight to what you want and the selection is there for you.

Overall this shop has a massive appeal to myself and will be purchasing some items very soon :)

Also if you use my exclusive code EMILY20 you can get 20% off your order!!

You can visit there website at:

The next shop is Fashion Union. Now ive only recently discovered this shop from watching chasing with the Saturdays as they are the sponsors. 

Fashion union is on trend and fresh appealing to all fashion lovers out there. They provide the latest catwalk trends and celebrity looks.

First off this shop sells a size 6 yayyyyyyy!! Im like a 6/8 so depending on the style and of course different shops have different feels of a size. So i was over the moon when i saw that they stocked 6s especially if im after a snug fit and i am a tiny dot!!

This leopard print midi dress is right up my street. If youve noticed from my blog background i love leopard print J This little beauty is priced at £15.00 which i think is such a good price for the style and pattern. This is a dress that could be dressed up or down but i think id wear it more on  a night time. Midi dresses are so good at being a staple in your wardrobe as being able to dress up or down looking good whatever the occasion. 

 Leopard Animal Print Midi DressBlack Stripe Peplum Dress

I love this black stripe peplum dress its flattering for all shapes and is bang on trend. At £20.00 its a good price for a stunning dress that could be glammed  up with a few accessories.

One of my fave pages from this website is the accessories bags/purses. Such a good selection and variety of the latest trends and styles. Of course its abit more pricey then your average primark but for the quality and style i find it such a good price.

Im looking forward till i get paid to have a little splurge at this shop ready for spring and summer!!

You can find them at:

Have any of you lovelies brought anything from these two shops? tell me what you have brought or what you are liking from the sites? :)


  1. That peplum dress is so gorgeous! Perfect for a night out on the tow :) xx

    1. I know right? its so nice and bang on trend :) xx

  2. The last two designs really attracted me. Never seen these in such colors.

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