Friday, 15 March 2013

FHI Go Straighteners Review....

Ive been holding off for awhile straightening my hair as ive wanted to give my hair abit of a break and ive seen so much improvement in the strength of my hair. I decided to treat myself to some new straighteners. 

The FHI range is a big brand in the USA and ive heard that apparently its the equivalent in quality of GHDs. After so much research and reading reviews i thought i would take the plunge in getting some. 
These lovely beauties have a variable temperature of 210°C which is reached within seconds and can be turned with the dial to the selected heat. It has floating tourmaline plates which produce negative ions to stop static. 
The whole range of FHI straighteners are beautiful with different thicknesses and temperatures a whole range to choose from. The Go straighteners are a budget buy at £34.99 here. But ooze in quality. 

As soon as the parcel came i was so excited to try them out and i was not disasppointed. Being compared to GHDs it had alot to live up to but ive absolutely loved the results. They leave my hair completely straight as anything but with a nice little shine too. They heat up like a dream and are so quick with the heating time. Ive loved how the plate is abit thicker just making it that more easy to straighten thicker sections. Amazing value for money and i would love to try out more heating equipment from this brand and i would have to say the straighteners are as equal to GHDs so if you are on a tight budget and dont have the money to spend as much then  i would recommend these so much :)
Would you try these out? :)


  1. These look really nice.
    I still have my GHDs after around 6 years. I dont think I need to buy new ones any time soon.
    I do adore the colour of these though! :)



    1. Wow thats amazing beaut how long your ghds have lasted for!! im trying to not use straighteners as much but im getting back into them again :P xx


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