Sunday, 21 July 2013

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I like to treat myself once in awhile to new beauty and skincare bits from the drugstores this usual happens every month sometimes il buy alot and other times just a few little bits. Boots and Superdrug are the two shops i can spend awhile in and il be happy browsing all the aisles and popping things into my basket. Once ive completed my shop il be happy for a long time and im a easily pleased person :)

Onto the shopping......

Ive heard alot about the Serozinc from the amazing Caroline Hirons and of course other skincare fanatics. Its a lovely refreshing toner that has a light spritz to it and helps with oily skin and even other skin irritations. Unfortunately our local drugstores dont have this ready available so i browsed online and found ebay was stocking this. I have been using this for a good couple of weeks packing this onto my skin as a double toner and its also great for this heatwave we have in the uk at the moment!!

The Vitamin E range from Superdrug is something i have browsed at many a times but never plunged to by anything. Ive read a few reviews on the Hot Cloth Cleanser that they do in this range and at the time i was shopping my skin was dry and patchy in places so i thought this would help solve my skin a little. The smell reminds me of holidays so already it won me over without even trying the product. Its a lovely rich creamy cleanser that leaves your skin feeling so soft. Ive been really surprised at how good this product has changed my dry skin in the matter of days. Fab price for how much you get of the product and im sure it will last awhile too. Again with this heat ive found my skin has been drying out alot so this is just the best product to have handy to fix my skin.

The Garnier Intensive Hand Cream was on offer in Superdrug at the time and my hands were horrible and dry. None of my other hand creams seemed to be actually moisturising my hands at all and this cream just really won me over. Its a rich cream but not overly rich and leaves my hands feeling in better condition. After one use my hands were back on track. Its ideal to have on the go in your daily bag as its so small aswell. 

The Maybelline polish in 'Mint For Life' is one of my fave colours at the moment. The brush is amazingly thick to coat the nails so easily and the formula is so strong. Teamed with a top coat it stays on for a good few days without chipping. I have been wearing this on my toes and it looks beautiful with a tan :)

The Bourjois 1 Second Polish in 'Melon' is AHHHHMAAAAZZZZIINNNGGG. I had this on my nails for my sisters graduation and it looks just like you have gel nails and super glossy too. This colour is so summery and my nails look so pretty. Full review coming soon!!

What have been your recent purchases?


  1. I love the Bourjois 1 second polishes :) I have a few of them, but Melon looks amazing so I might just need to add that to my collection too xx

    D Is For...

    1. Melon is a pretty summer colour and i love the gel finish of them too :)!! xx


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