Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Recent French Skincare Purchases |

After hearing alot of great things about french skincare brands and having tried Bioderma and La Roche Posay before i thought that i would try some other products out too. I was watching Lisa Eldridge Youtube French Pharmacie video and it meant me really excited to try some more products. I love france particularly Paris as ive been so many times and its such a lovely cultural place and the shops are gorgeous. Id love to go back!! Anyway after watching the video i searched for a few of the products and got ordering straight away.

The first product i ordered was from La Roche Posay. The Cicaplast ProRecovery is a product that accelerates reconstruction of the skin barrier and is a soothing moisturising treatment that relieves itchiness and tight sensations. This is also advised to use after minor dermatological procedures too. Its a gel like texture but soon as it touches the skin it feels like silk and sinks in the skin almost second after. I really think that this a great product for the face as the weather is getting colder and eespecially my skin becomes much more drier and this aims to accelerate the repair of the skin within a couple of days. You could use this with any dry patches you many have or if your skin becomes inflammed or sore due to the weather. I have been so impressed with how light yet really nourishing this product is. 

The next product is from Biodermas Sebium Range. I have never tried anything from the sebium range so i was eager to try them out. I brought two items from this range. The Sebium Pore Refiner is a great addition for your everyday make up base. If you suffer with clogged or enlarged pores then this really helps to make them less visible but also making makeup application easier. When smoothed on the skin it makes your skin so soft. Aswell as tightening the pores it helps the texture of the skin. This is aimed for people who suffer with blemishes and i am so happy that this is in my life. I use this on my tzone and chin and it helps keep shine at bay but also helping to soothe blemishes. 

The last product also from the Bioderma Sebium range is the serum. Now this was one that i havent heard much about and i have been testing it for 3 weeks now. Its a purifying concentrate that helps to soothe and reduce blemishes whilst trying to add abit of radiance to your complexion. This is suited for combination to oily skin with persistent blemishes. The serum is light in texture and sinks well into the skin. I decided to use this after cleansing and toning and leaving it just on its own without any creams on top to give it more of a boost and effectiveness to my skin. It suggests to use this every other day for 4 weeks which is what i have been doing. I absolutely LOVE this, i cannot even explain my love for it. From first use i noticed my blemishes were almost halved and seemed to be less angry and red. This has also helped to clear them up quickly and more effectively then other products i have. I still want to trial it for a longer period but im so so happy with the results. 

Have you tried any french brands for skincare?

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