Monday, 7 October 2013

Review: La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat |

 La Roche Posay is a brand i have heard so much about in the blogging/beauty world. After Caroline Hirons mentioned about the Serozinc which i have also done a review on its always left me wanting to try more. A recent chat to Jen and asking for a cheapish moisturiser that helps battle breakouts at the same time she recommended for me to try the Effaclar Mat. That very same day i ordered the moisturiser and was so eager for it arrive. I have no expectations of this product at all and straight away as it arrived i put it to the test.

The texture is a gel like consistency and very lighweight. As soon as the cream touches your skin it sinks in almost immediately leaving you with a no tacky feeling or residue. From first use i noticed that my pores were not very noticeable which i thought at first there was something wrong with my eyesight but continued use proved i was right. The moisturiser leaves you with a shine free face but at the same time packed with hydration. I would think that this is great for a base makeup but i have yet to test this as im trying out other bases. It really helps to keep your skin matte all day and is perfect for oily/combo skin. I have actually noticed that with using this moisturiser my breakouts are less frequent but also it really helps to clear them up too. I have been using this just in the morning as i find at night i need something a little more richer but overall this product could quite possibly be a holy grail in my eyes. Keeps your face matte all day check, helps breakouts/soothes them check, No greasy/oily residue check, All of the three things i want in a moisturiser. 

Have you tried out this moisturiser?

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