Sunday, 27 October 2013

Boots & Superdrug Haul |

I thought i would share with you all my recent purchases from Superdrug and Boots. I didnt seem to find alot of things as i was in a complete rush. Hoping my next trip i can spend a good hour so in there which can easily be done. 

First of all in Superdrug i only picked up one item which is a repurchase - the Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser. I have spoke about this before in a post and i absolutely adore it. Sometimes shop own brands can be misleading in my eyes i never think they are going to be great due to the fact they are so cheap to buy but my opinion has quickly changed with this cleanser. Its a rich cleanser but at the same time lightweight so its not something that is like a balm but it still feels like you are getting a high dose of moisture. I think this is a good product to have on rotation so maybe one day your face may be feeling abit dry and pop this on and you are good to go. Its so affordable and the results are noticed after first use. 

Next part is Boots - I picked up some more cotton pads which i like to get the baby extra large ones as one cotton pad is all you need to get rid of everything. You also get 75 in the pack which lasts a good couple of months with me. I decided to try a new deodrant as im getting bored with the same one i use. I chose the Mitchum Advanced Control Unscented. This is amazing and i actually like the no fragrance too it as sometimes i find that the scents can be too strong. 

The last things i picked up was two things from Dove - the Nutrive Solutions Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Intensive Repair Mask. After using the Dove Leave in Conditioner which now is one of my favourite products to use i thought i would dabble more into the brand. Both of these were on offer at the time which i cant resist a bargain. They both offer hydrating to the hair and helping to get it back into good condition. Looking forward to trying both of these out. 

Have you been shopping recently?



  1. I love the Suoerdrug hot cloth cleanser as well - and it's such a bargain!

    Claire x

    1. Me too :) i think its so under rated :( it deserves alot more recognition xx

  2. tempted to try out the dove products!

    Alex :) x

  3. I'm so tempted to go do some little shopping at the drugstore but something tells me it's wrong, due to the amount of products I have already... Thank you for sharing your picks! xxx


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