Thursday, 31 October 2013

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil |

Wow i have really been loving these cheeky 40% off body shop has been having lately. I always have mini lists as i love so much of the products that they have. Everything i have tried i have never been left disappointed!! After using and loving the Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask (which is on its last legs at the moment) and seeing so much of a difference in my skin i thought i would dabble in more of the Vitamin E range so the facial oil really appealed to me and after ordering i eagerly awaited the arrival. 

The Vitamin E range provides a high dose of moisture back into the skin leaving it looking more plumped, soft and hydrated. Being a fan of facial oils and seeing the difference they make to my skin and with the colder months i thought that this would really help keep my skin moisturised. The facial oil is packed with essential oils including rose to help soothe the skin and the senses aswell as this it is also rich in essential fatty acids that help to restore the skin’s moisture barrier and help to keep it smooth and supple. The oil has a mild scent of roses so it isnt too overpowering and the feel of the oil is very light in consistency which sinks into the skin quickly.The oil is a lovely pre treatment before moisturiser which will help to boost moisture levels and nourish the skin. 

I use approx 2 drops before my moisturiser or sometimes i mix it in and the results in the morning are amazing. My skin is left looking fresh, radiant and plumped up. After using this for a good month i have noticed that whenever i get blemishes they heal alot quicker with a dose of this facial oil every couple of days and any pesky dry patches on my face are cleared in a couple of days. I think that this will last a good while to as i havent used much and still have over 3/4 left. I use this at night as i find it gives my skin a much better dose of moisture and it hasnt broken me out or clogged my pores which is a bonus. 

If you are after a light oil through the chill cold months and want to help rid of dry patches or add a dose of extra moisture then this is a lovely product to try. 

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Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil 


  1. I've been loving the 40% off too :) I've been looking for a light oil so will try this out :) x

    1. I am loving the sales and cant wait for the ones after christmas too!! its such a versatile oil whether have it on its own in dry patches or underneath moisturiser for a boost :) x

  2. I was honestly JUST thinking about trying Vitamin E on my nose. No matter what I do it is dry and flaky - drives me NUTS! I'll be looking into this for sure.

    Voyage of the MeeMee

    1. The whole vitamin e range is amazing and i own alot of the products now - they are so hydrating and affordable too!! xx

  3. I have nominated you for the sunshine award go check it out on my blog


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