Sunday, 29 September 2013

Toner: The Left Out Step |

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Toner is a step that i think either people do it or they dont. Some are afraid that the toner is liking adding chemicals to the face or that its similar to an oil both is wrong. To be quite honest toner used to be a step where i didnt know why it needed to be done and so i used to skip it that is until the past couple of years that i knew what a toner is and the added benefits that it brings to the skin.

They vary in terms of what they can bring to your skin as in a exfoliating toner which improves skin texture and help with pores or a hydrating toner which helps to lock in added moisture. For me i go for the hydrating toner as i find that as i am always dehydrated in the skin this is something i tend to need on a daily basis. By using a toner it helps to balance out the skin bringing it back to a normal ph balance and also hydrating at the same time. It will attract moisture and will have a good penetration to absorb other products as layers on top.

I always find that by sweeping on a toner after cleansing gives another prep to the skin before going in with a moisturiser and if you think as it of layers. I find with toners that using the purest natural ingredients works the best for myself as it doesnt break me out but it still brings a big dose of moisture. A toner isnt a needed step in your routine if it works fine already but if you are after a dose of moisture and making sure that your oil is at bay then i think having a  try would be a good start.

Do you use toners in your routine?


  1. I don't but I really should. I'm going to look into getting a good exfoliating toner

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. I never used to bother with toner but its an added extra that gives something extra to my skin. Me too im really wanting trying the clarins one or glow tonic :) xx

  2. I've started to use Liz Earles Skin Boost Skin Tonic after cleanining, especially in the mornings as I think it helps make my skin look 'ready for the day'. When I run out, toner is defo something I'll be researching more into.

    1. I love the liz earle skin tonic too its so lovely and refreshing on the skin!! xx


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