Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Review: Garnier Moisture Match Shine Be Gone Moisturiser |

So at the moment i have been inbetween moisturisers as i have been wanting to use things up before buying a more pricey moisturiser to try out. To be honest the only drugstore type of moisturiser i used to use was nivea which i thought was okayish mind you this was years ago and since then i have been trying to actually get one to suit my skin type. I recently saw the Garnier Moisture Match for combination/oily skin near the checkout in boots and picked it up on a whim.

I love garnier for body moisturisers but i have never tried the products for face from the brand so i was sceptical. I find that after about a week or so straight away i can tell if a product is suited for me or not especially with skincare. This moisturiser is claimed for combination/oily skin and aims to mattify the skin all day leaving no oilness visible. Enriched with green tea extracts which is known for detoxifying and antioxidant properties it will leave the skin looking matte and soft. At £5.99 currently in boots its cheap as chips and even though the product is small im sure it can last awhile.

Applying the cream to my face it has a very noticeable different texture at first touch. When applying it feels not a creamy texture more of a whipped feel. It sinks almost instantly into the skin which i really like so its great if you want to add foundation on top. It controls the oils on my face nicely and doesnt leave me looking oily at all and gives a more healthy glow to the face. Aswell as controlling the oil its helped to ease dry patches on my face and within two days they soon cleared up and went.

This has a slight cucumber smell to it so it feels very fresh and the texture is super light. Its not a heavy moisturiser and it feels very light on the skin. I think its perfect for this season now but i prefer using rich products when the weather turns more colder. The only downside i have is i dont know how much oil it can control as my oilyness isnt very much at the moment so thats something to bear in mind. 

Overall i really would recommend this moisturiser whether you were on a budget or wanting to try something different out. I love how cheap and reasonable it is and also the skin benefits it has shown.

Have you tried garnier moisture matches?


  1. I've only try one garnier product for the face and I was quite happy :)
    This product looks amaizing, and also it's a plus that it's pretty fast drying because I don't like the sticky feel...

    Nice post :D

    Mirsweet! xX

  2. I usually get hair colors from Garnier but havnt tried their skin care yet. I think I should give it a try. :)

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  3. I'm interested in trying some new things from Garnier so this interests me a lot. I've also heard really great things about their BB cream. Great blog hunnie <3



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