Thursday, 5 September 2013

Face Masks: Super Facialist's Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask & Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque |

Okay okay i know i need to get some tabs on me to control my urge to try new face masks but seriously it had to be done. Ive heard SO much about the Una Brennan Tea Flower range and in particular the clay mask. Ive been really excited to give this a whirl as a budget brand and see how or if it helped my skin at all. 

I personally think a clay mask in your skincare routine can make your skin game change. Whatever type of skin you have masks do a world of good.This mask contains salicyclic acid which is proven to unclog pores and get rid of any congestion of you skin and is rich in magnesium , calcium, potassium and iron. One of the things i really like about this mask is how quick it dries in only 5 minutes and the results are so good. After  using this mask i noticed that my skin was so soft and it looked alot healthier too. Ive used this on targeted areas and also as an all round face mask. I love that it contains everything you need for you skin and it really does perk it up. Ive been applying this mask mid week and i found that it did a fab job of reducing my pores and oil. Ive noticed the more times i use it the more effective its been on controlling my skin. Aswell as containing spot fighting ingredients it also contains hydrating ingredients such as avocado oil and shea butter. I think for the price at £8.99 its well worth the money and can last a while if only using once/twice a week. I would definately recommend to do a little test of this product incase you are sensitive to anything in the mask. But overall it does the job, contains great ingredients and makes your skin amazing. 

The next product which is one i was very sceptical in parting with my money over is the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque. This is the second product from Aesop that i now own and i had high hopes for this to be as great as the camomile masque i have. This mask aims to draw out impurities and delivers a big dose of anti oxidants to perk up the skin. Now at £27.00 this is a pricey product for a face mask but in actual fact if using once a week or more you would get your moneys worth out of it in the long run. I have been using this once a week and leaving the mask on for about 15 minutes to do its job. I use this when my skin is looking vile in every possible way. Unlike other clay masks i own this is very thin texture and cooling at the same time. It doesnt feel harsh on the skin and it has a very herbal like smell. Which in fact makes it abit more relaxing and i always find myself having a quick 5 minute nap with it on. I wouldnt say that is a miracle worker on blemishes and gets rid of them instantly but it sure does reduce them  in size big time. I actually really like the packaging of Aesop products just makes it alot more unique. 

I really love this mask and is going to be a regular in my routine for a long time. Both of these masks are great in giving you healthier and a clean complexion over time. 

What face masks do you use?

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