Wednesday, 25 September 2013

University Essentials |

University Essentials

So this week is the start of my second year at university and in a way im really excited to get some routine back into my life and my brain working even though i have loved having the summer off. This year im sure is going to be very challenging but im excited to grow in confidence and in my subject. I thought i would put a little post together for university essentials. 

Organiser - An organiser is essential at university. For me my experience so far hasnt been about going out wasted every night even as tempting as it is but i really do want a good career and not waste my time or opportunities whilst being there. Within this organiser i jot down dates of all my exams and courseworks and then each week i tick off how long it is to go and when i should start revising. Sometimes i jot down things i need to remember and do by a certain date but i normally carry another jotter with me for that. I definitely think for first years it is very overwhelming having deadlines so this will make sure you on staying on track at all times. 

Highlighters - How can you not resist these cute panda highlighters? im such a big kid. These are so handy to carry around with you to highlight important information and if you are like me a visual learner then colours are handy to remember certain information. 

Scarf - You may be thinking why has she included a scarf as an essential? well if you are a freshers within the first couple of weeks you are bound to get the 'freshers flu' so this will be your best friend making sure you are keeping warm. Also the university i go to is extrememly cold all year round so this is a nice inbetween scarf not being too thick before bringing out the big thick ones.

Bag - An absolute necessity of course and i think a big bag will be what you need to invest in. I always carry and return library books as i live at home and also all the other things i have to carry so this is a just the right size to carry everything you need to each lecture. I also think this blue colour is a pop of colour leading up to the colder months and will be a great sturdy bag for the year too. 

Iphone/ipod charger - This portable charge is a lifesaver. If you are someone who is constantly on your phone then you need this in your life. I have a similar one and it is super handy. Charging on the go ensures you are never out of battery and can be used for your ipod too if you are travelling to uni with musci on the go it makes sure you are never low on the tunes at all times. 

What do you think to my university essentials? any that you would get?


  1. I adore those highlighting pens!!

  2. Omg, the highlighters are soo adorable! xx :)

  3. Love the scarf!
    A diary is definitely a great idea.
    I love that bag too, I featured it in an eBay post I did a while ago :)


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