Friday, 13 September 2013

Review: Champneys Distant Shores Mini Body Butter & Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub Sachet |

I have been really excited to give my review on these two products as they are new things i have loved trying out and have made me eager to try alot more from both brands. As a lover and degree spa student i love nothing more then testing out spa products whether they are high end or low end anything that can recreate the spa at home and give me a thorough pamper. 

Champneys Spa is one of the best established spa in the uk. I would of loved to train at this spa as i think its absolutely beautiful. The Champneys products always look so luxurious and at a reasonable price too so i could wait to try out one of the mini body butters. I decided to go for a small body butter just incase i didnt like it. First of all the Distant Shores Mini Body butter is packed full of grapefruit, lemon, orange peel and cedarwood oils with nourishing mango and passion fruit. Its such a fruity fresh smell but not too overpowering. The texture of the body butter is beautiful it feels so bouncy to touch and is dreamy to apply. It gives a lovely hydrating feel to the skin and with the fruity smell still lingering around. Its quite a thick consistency but not compared to my other body butters so it would still be a nice one to use with the colder months coming up. Also a big plus is it doesnt leave a stick residue and dries within a few minutes.This is love at first sight and im so excited to try more from the distant shore range too as the smell is a winner.

Before i applied the dreamy body butter i wacked open a sachet i picked up on my recent trip boots  - The Sanctuary Salt Scub. Ive tried the Sanctuary Body scrub which is a very light exfoliation and as i was after something abit more scrubby. It has sumptuous blends of skin polishing Dead Sea Salts wrapped in moisturising Coconut, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oils. When applying the salts are quite abrassive on the skin but not too rough. Sweeping them in a massaging movement towards the heart it provides a thorough exoliation that is really relaxing. Once the salts are rinsed off you are left with an oil like moisture on the skin. My skin felt so so soft and maybe the softer its ever been and it really did feel like a mini spa experience. This would be perfect if you are after a really thorough exfoliation if you dont do it regular or maybe again in the winter months with drier skin.  

Both of these products are heavenly to use and i will be looking at other products that provide a spa like feel at home and abit of luxury. Picking up small travel sizes have really been ideal to test out and experiment and i was not left disappointed!!

Have you tried either of these brands?


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