Friday, 22 November 2013

What's In My Bag (Updated) |

I thought i would do an updated whats in my bag post seen as ive had a new bag for my second year at uni and it feels right to show you what i carry around with me on a daily basis. My bag is from ebay and its a celine dupe, its all black with many compartments inside and is so ideal as it is the right size for everything to be carried. It had a black strap that you use to carry on your shoulder or take it off. Even though its from ebay its actually very very sturdy and has been tested out in the rain etc. I am in love with this bag and its at a cheap price too here. They come in loads of different colours and variations. The only downside to the bag is the lining as you can tell its abit cheap but apart from that i love it.

My bag has been so tidy lately and this is how its been left - so il start with my purse which ive had for awhile now and its from river island not sure if you can still get it. But i love the nude colour and its the right size for all my cards and money etc. The quality is so good and it still looks fairly brand new.

I always carry some sort of mittens or gloves and they change all the time. These are some white fluffy ones i got from primark and they are so soft and cosey. Think they are around £3 but untill the weather gets really cold then these are staying for now!!

The A4 notepad and the smaller notepad are from whsmith. I love the polka dot spotty print and both of them are so handy to write down my to do lists and also my modules that i am doing to take notes. 

The white piece of electronic you can see on the notepad is actually my iphone portable charger which i got from ebay awhile back but there are plenty around from other places. I charge this using my iphone lead to my plug and then it has full battery for any time i need some battery on the go. I would highly recommend these as you never know when your phone may die and infact my iphone battery went abit crazy recently and this was so handy as i broken my power button so if it died i wouldnt of been able to turn it on without it being plugged in somewhere. 

My house keys which have been shown a couple of times with my pig key top thing. Helps me to see them underneath all the chaos in my bag usually. Also the black and white polka dot travel holder has my student id and travel tickets. Im so happy i brought one of these so it keeps everything in one place. 

The flowery pencil case is another purchase from ebay. Its so different from normal pencil cases and abit more grown up for me which is a surprise from cute animals. Its a good size to carry pens and highlighters with me on a daily basis. 

The leopard print umbrella from river island is from last year and its on its last legs but its still going strong. I always need an umbrella as where my uni is it rains alot of the time and especially as i travel to and from uni always need to be sheltered from the rain. 

And lastly the cat makeup bag from primark is so handy and such a small size for my bag to carry 'girly' things, paracetamols, deodrant, hand gel, powder, some bits of makeup etc. 

My bag doesnt seem to carry alot at the moment but im sure in time it will get abit chocker with many library books etc. I really really love my bag and if you are after a similar sized bag then this would be a fab one!!

Do you like my bag?


  1. I loveeee your bag! I always get a new one at the start of the year too! Any chance of a link to the actual listing I can't find it on ebay :( x

  2. Love, love, love your bag!

    Emma x


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