Thursday, 28 November 2013

Loving Lately |

I have been loving getting ready for the colder months even thought i absolutely hate it but i like layering and wearing things that are really snug and cosey. Of course i have been loving animal related things always. I have also been loving a fab social platform for bloggers called Glipho which is another place you can share your blog posts and meet other variety of bloggers too. Its so easy to sign up and use too.

 - My cat hasnt been very well lately and having him for 15 years i want to treasure him even more. Hes such a loveable character and i think anyone who is cat crazy can relate to how much they are precious. I mean come on look at his little face

 - Had a spanking new phone case from Marc Jacobs here. I love that its silicone but at the same time it really has protected my phone.
 - Getting way too excited for christmas this year which is quite unusual for me but i saw this mug and instantly had to buy it. Im going to be drinking my hot chocolate from this and it will be toasty warm with the added jumper too.
 - This geek rabbit jumper i saw on milkbubbletea blog and it was so adorable not to get. Its a thickish jumer and i brought it in a bigger size to be more baggy and snug. I have been wearing it contantly around the house on my lazy days.
- Ooh another animal dog related purchae. Seriously it needs to stop but will it? ;). These mittens were a mere £3 from primark abit ago but they do keep my hands warm for now until i wear thicker ones for when it snows etc

What do you think of my animal obsession? ;) 


  1. Such a gorgeous post your cat is adorable haha! Xx

  2. Great post.
    Such cute products (and cat too!)

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic



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