Monday, 18 November 2013

Cold Skincare Heroes |

With the weather getting colder much more quickly and its nearly into the winter months i thought i would share with you the products that i have been reaching for and will do in the colder months to come. As soon as the weather changes so does my skin which alot of time i get much more drier and dehydrated skin. 

The Aesop Anti Blemish Masque is an absolute life saviour with under the skin spots. Not saying that it completely makes them disappear overnight but it certainly takes away any swelling and calms it down. I like to apply this directly to any spots instead of a full on face mask which i have done both so its a lovely product that helps to soothe and calm everything down as its packed with chamomile. Its rather pricey but i am only 1/4 through and i used it on a regular basis so i am definately getting my moneys worth out of it. 

Next is a new product that i have been using in the last few weeks and something that has saved my skin. Out of the blue my skin has just been awful just really red and painful with spots so i was looking at a new cleanser that would help deal with this. The Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Cleanser is a rich milky concotion full of gentle ingredients that help with sensitive and red skin. Again its another product that helps to calm everything down which is what is needed in this weather lately. You can either wash or take the cleanser off with damp cotton pads and it leaves your skin so soft and silky. Its ideal if you do have sensitive skin as its so gentle and i find its calming to use before bed too.

Another Origins product is the Drink Up Intensive which is a favourite of mine. First of all it smells like delicious peaches and fresh fruits. Its a thick consistency and i love packing this onto my face for a lovely heavy dose of moisture. Everyone needs moisture and i find it helps with any dry patches and heals spots alot quicker too. I use this twice a week to really benefit my skin as it feels quite parched with the coldness and the change up in heat at home. One last Origins product to talk about which again is another staple all year round and its the Make a Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment - this is such a good product that really helps to lock in moisture but also give that much needed dose of hydration to the skin. I love using this on a night before my moisturiser for an extra added dose and i really see the difference if i dont use it.

Next is two products from La Roche Posay which has been a welcomed addition to my skincare stash. The Serozinc is a product i have talked about numerous times in the last few months and i use this as a toner which is so good to lock in moisture but also it helps to soothe any irritations that you may have. I can see the hype that it has been given as it really does help to change your skin in the matter of days and its still lasting me a fair while. You can get this online or ebay as its more readily available but its a great one to add in more hydration to your skin on a daily basis. The Cicaplast is a very new addition and is designed to be used if you have had dermatology procedures but even though i havent its a lovely recovery product for the skin as it helps to tackle with dry patches, flakiness and irritations within a couple of days. I recently used this on my neck as i had some sort of irritation from something i must have used leaving me with red and dry patches of skin i used this twice a day for two days and it sorted it out. I use this as primer for my makeup base just on my cheeks where they are dry, it helps to make my base alot more even too.

Last up is a hand cream which i use every day and it leaves them feeling so soft. The Garner Intensive Hand Cream is very much needed in these colder months. Its non greasy and only a tiny bit is needed to help keep your hands soft all day long. Even after washing your hands still feel as though they have been moisturised and hydrated which is something i havent found in many hand creams. Its also really cheap and will last you awhile too.

What are you cold skincare products?


  1. Aesop anti blemish sounds perfect for me!
    Thanks again for your ever helpful, interesting posts xxx

  2. Some great recommendations... I've just ordered the serozinc and now you've got me wanting the Aesop anti blemish mask :)

    Love Kate xx


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