Monday, 16 December 2013

Review: Payot Pate Grise |

I have been on the hunt for my perfect overnight spot treatment for awhile now which i thought i had found it until another product that i brought took me by complete surprise. A night sent browsing on the cult beauty website which is something i tend to do alot - you can find so many amazing products that really truely deliver. Browsing the site i came across a product called Payot Pate Grise which claims to be an overnight spot treatment.

Only having heard the brand Payot in passing and is a well known french skincare brand i was really hoping that it would help with my unruly spots. The Pate Grise is an overnight treatment that was developed in 1947 which has been a secret amongst french women who used it to battle blemishes. The winning ingredient is Shale Extract which is an antibacterial and has a soothing feel to the skin. It works to slow down oil product and accelerating the spots lifescycle so it matures and disappears faster. The size of the product is 15 ml at £17.00 which may sound expensive but its going to last awhile as only a tiny dap on spots is needed. 

The texture of the product is abit creamy and i like to apply the product with a cotton bud just for being hygenic as i dont want to spread it more onto my face. Once dabbed you go to your sleep and in the morning i just remove any that is left with a toner/water. I use this consecutively for 2/3 nights dabbing on the areas that are red spots or under the skin ones.

I cannot even begin to explain how amazing this product is. After used it for 3 nights in a row a spot that was under the skin had completely vanishes and stopped. Other red spots had developed which had gone and on the way to healing. I have never had a spot treatment that has worked so fast and without having a unsightly smell.  I am in love with this product and is a magic in my eyes. 

Having said that i do think skincare with blemishes is trial and error depending on how well it works for you skin so i would hope if this product sounds a winner to you too then its worth a try as each skin reacts differently to products.

Painful, red angry spots are a thing of the past for me now having found a product that helps to banish them in less time. So worth it!!

Would you try this miracle of a spot treatment?

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