Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Review: Elemis Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask |

Being a skincare fanatic im always on the look out for another mask to add to my stash to try out and see if it can help in my imperfections in any way. Scarring for me is my number one enemy and is one of the main issues that i try and battle. I have been loving chemical exfoliators for this job in helping to reduce them which has been working so well but i was after a more powerful mask that i could use weekly or monthly. 

Having loved the travel size of the Elemis Resurfacing Facial Wash i thought that i would get the travel size in the same range but instead the Elemis Tri Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask. The mask aims to retexturize and smooth the skin with the actuive enzymes whilst targeting blemishes and pigmentation. If using any of the tri enzyme range it is advised to wear spf during daylight hours and no sunbathing/sunbeds either as you are renewing your skin. I would suggest to do a patch test on your inner arm to make sure no reactions do occur.

On application of the mask its quite a thin texture that you spread all over your dry face and leave on for about 10 minutes. Whilst leaving the mask on i felt a cooling tingling sensation which is very powerful but it also means that it really is working. I was a little wary that with the tingling experience that it may sting etc but its not too over baring. Once the mask has been left on i then rinse off with a flannel. My face felt the softest it has ever been and so smooth. Any blemishes had slightly gone done and my pores were less obvious. This mask is amazing especially if you want an even texture to your face or even scarring reducing. With this mask being packed full of enzymes it is alot gentler then an acid peel or a manual scrub so it would be great for people with sensitive skin and inflamed acne but it does suit all skin types.

It honestly is one of the best masks i have used and seen almost immediate results and is a lovely addition to any skincare routine. 

Have you tried this mask before or any other elemis products that have won you over?

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  1. This sounds amazing! I'll def be giving it a try! Xx


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