Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Review: Dr Jart+ Water Max Sleeping Mask |

The winter months i find that my skin is alot more parched and dry in certain area so i try and ramp up the moisture on my face aswell as drinking alot more water instead of hot chocolates!! Hydration masks are a god send for a quick fix whether for 5 minutes or overnight your skin will thank you. A new addition to my mask stash is one from Dr Jart - Water Max Sleeping mask. Having never tried anything from Dr Jart i was really looking forward to seeing how the mask would deliver having read so many rave reviews.

The Mask is an overnight one where you apply 10 minutes or so before you go bed and whilst you are sleeping it gets to work by retaining moisture all night long. Its quite thin in texture so depending on what you refer you could use it as a light night moisturiser or as a more heavy overnight treatment. Its fast absorbing into the skin as it locks in nutrients and moisture. The main ingredient which has alot of skincare benefits is hyaluronic acid which helps to feed the moisture to the skin. This is perfect for all skin types and especially great for dehydrated skin. Even if you dont feel like you have dry a good dose of moisture regularly can really help with your complexion.

One of the things that i have noticed with my skin is that when it receives a huge dose of moisture my skin is alot even, blemishes/scars are starting to heal much quicker and my face looks alot plumped and brighter.

If you havent got into the whole hydrating masks then i would highly recommend this as a starting out one as it so so good at helping your skin with moisture and other benefits it has delivered with my skin. 

Would you try this mask? or have you tried the dr jart range?

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