Monday, 2 December 2013

November Favourites |

Another month and so close to the end of this year which has completely flown by!! This month has been fairly stressful with uni work and my skin has taken it badly especially with the colder weather too. 

The skincare combo that i turn too when my skin is playing up is one that i am so thankful of discovering this year and its the Lush Ultrabland Cleanser and Tea Tree Toner. This duo works so well together in balancing your skin whilst giving it plently of hydration and calming everything down. I like to use this as a mini detox sort of thing where i use just these two products and a moisturiser for a good couple of weeks. It really sorts my skin out and makes it so clear. I also like using these after my so called 'detox' on odd occasions and together they cost less then £10 for them both so its really affordable. The combo is ideal for this sort of weather if your skin plays havoc. 

An autumn blush that is a beautiful peachy shade that i have been wearing non stop this month is Illamasqua's Sophie Blush. Its the perfect colour for this season and creates a natural flush to the cheeks whilst giving a glow to the complexion aswell. I think it really compliments my pale skin tone and perks it up. A little of this blush goes a long way so i tend to swirl it around onto a brush and then tap any excess off. Its so easy to apply and blendable. I want to try more blushers from the brand which is on my christmas wishlist!!

Two things from Rimmel which have been my love affair for this month - Rimmel Precious Stones - 001 Diamond Dust Nail Polish. Its so pretty and mesmerizing to the eye. Its clear varnish with added sprinkles of glitter to it and it looks so nice on top of any bold nail varnish to give your nails a touch of glitz. I think this will be a christmas polish for sure on top of a rich red colour. Who can resist glitter? i know i cant!! Keeping with the rich red colour theme for christmas - Rimmel Apocalips in 'Across The Universe' shade is such a lovely shade for the colder months. Even though recently i have been brave to wear bold lips this is inbetween a lipgloss and lipstick which is ideal as i like to use this on the lips but patted in for a subtle tone of the colour. Its such a simple look wearing this with a bold eyelook which i am loving wearing lately. 

What have been your months favourties?


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