Friday, 6 December 2013

Book Review: Katie Piper Things Get Better |

It is very rare that i find a book that i can rave about constantly but i think i have found the perfect read that is so beneficial to myself and has made me open my eyes abit more about my life and the way my mind works. The book  - Katie Piper 'Things Get Better' is an incredible insightful read where Katie Piper who has suffered a great ordeal shares her personal stories and the letters that she receives to share her key steps that led to her recovery and helps others in gaining strength to move on whether its a break up, self esteem issues or even a more serious trauma. The book starts from the very beginning when you hit rock bottom and deals with the honest reality of overcoming the obstacles you are dealing with.

Sometimes when you are feeling down in your life we start to feel sorry for ourselves and whole cycle seems to happen where we go from being content and happy but as time goes on we start to decrease in ot mood and then go back into the same thoughts of having to try get back into the happy place. We often hear about how to improve our lifes and setting goals for ourselves and then sometimes we have others tell us how to live but at the end of the day its we decide what to do and how to live.

The main thing that i have discovered from this book is that we have to remember that we are loved but also we are human which means that the good times will come with the bad times. Tough things will come our way and there is now way to avoid them but the key is how we respond to them. We can either sit and complain about them or do something about them.

Is this book something you fancy reading?

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  1. I love her she literally is amazing, definitely wanna give this a read xx


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