Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist |

christmas wishlist

I thought i would share with you all a few of the things that have been wrote down on my christmas list. (Yes i still do a list) and apart from these four items the other items on my wishlist are all clothes and food. You cannot spend christmas day without watching plenty of films and eating your body weight in chocolate and cake.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet - A tablet is one of the things i have been wanting since the middle of this year and having had a play around with my dads i thought it was time to get one. They are so handy to carry around at uni instead of my laptop and also will be easy to do blogging on the go etc. I think they are such a good idea and im sure i will be playing plenty of games on christmas day with it. Fingers crossed. 

Beurer Foot Bath - The foot bath is something that i am most excited about getting. Not sure if it will be this one but something identical. I love doing my sunday pamper nights and making sure that my feet are lovely. This will be so relaxing on my feet especially with the massaging settings. I have brought awhile back some bath salts so i think it would be nice to use them with this for a mini spa pedicure evening.

Boss Orange Perfume - This perfume is one of my all time favourites and having used the last of it middle of this year its been one eagerly on my wishlist to repurchase. Its a lovely fruity scent and i have had many compliments when wearing this scent. Its not too overpowering which i like and i always think of this scent as holidays for some reason.

Laura Mercier Mini Lip Glaze Collection - Who can not resist a bunch of mini lip products? these look so cute and easy for an every day lip and to carry around in my bag. I havent tried any makeup products from Laura Mercier so this would be a good start. The dark red shade looks perfect for Christmas Day too.!!

What is on your christmas wishlist this year? 



  1. Definitely a tablet is on my list, or a laptop any form that isn't a mobile to blog with hahhah!
    I forgot how luxurious a foot spa was too! xxx

  2. I really wanted a tablet for Christmas this year but i changed my mind last second hah
    love victoriajanex

  3. same taste for sure!! at work (the perfume shop) we're selling the 50ml boss for only £19.99 till wednesday (i think* so if you want it make sure you get it on offer! also tesco have the galaxy tab for only 99 now so that's another offer to get!

    zofia xo


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