Sunday, 12 May 2013

What I Have Learnt: First Year at University....

I have been lacking on the lifestyle side of posts for abit and i thought it would be nice to read something a bit different!!. I started University in September at the Derby Buxton Campus studying International Spa Management. I can honestly say hand on heart it was the best decision i have made. I can name all the different career paths i have taken; hairdressing, childcare, IT, office, hotel. These careers paths were all ones that i have experience in from leaving high school and i have actually noticed that it has worked in my favour with having a good variety of experience that shows different skills. I have had a major passion for beauty/spa for a good few years and never saw it as a job but after a major lack of interest in my last job it was all i wanted to do and it was a big gamble as studying a new subject at degree level is hard anyway. I have had a lot of time spent in the library, cursing at myself why am i doing this but then getting a comment from a client like ' i really needed this treatment. You have been amazing' really makes it worth while. So i guess this ramble of a post might be insightful  to people who are starting university this year. 
I have learnt: 
Balancing having a social life with university workload: In the first few months it really sinks in how much work you have to do and with say 4 modules in a semester it is alot of work. Attending tutorials/lecturers are not even a quarter of the time you need. At least half of my spare time has been used by going in the library for hours and hours. I have felt so bad turning down friends for drinks etc for a deadline that is appearing so planning your time is something you need to find what works for you. 
Be confident: I have learnt that in order to meet new people and actually progress well within your chosen field you need to be confident. I had zero confidence at the start of the year and it quickly had to be changed. Whatever subject you are studying you need to be confident in yourself and that subject. You will have so many times that you need to present to people and this is something i wish someone had told me instead of finding out the hard way and being put on the spot. (Cringe)
Have fun: I know some of my friends went to university purely for the social side and yes it is amazing. Plenty of bar craws and crazy house parties. So enjoy it whilst its happening. You only live once!!
Say yes: For me this is an ongoing battle for myself. Trying to say yes to more things is something i wish i would of done in the first few weeks. So many societies you can join to meet new people and to go places on trips. My second  year i will be saying yes to alot more things
Be organised: For me im abit of a organised freak when it comes to workload. But being organised you could even finish an assignment before its due in causing you less stress. Also being prepared for what is coming up in lectures get a head start. 
For me so far university has been a ongoing journey that has ever so changed me slightly. Besides the debt side of things and the workload pressures its amazing!! 
Hope this little ramble might interest you :) its abit of change!! 
Do you like reading lifestyle posts? 


  1. I can't wait to start my first year in September! I have been preparing since before Christmas hahaha. I can't wait to meet a load of new people, and especially freshers lol!

    1. You will have the best time ever :D :D :D xxx


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