Sunday, 5 May 2013

Beauty Haul....

Hi Lovelies :) Hope you are all doing okay!! Today i bring you a beauty haul that just happened in the space of not a long time. You know when you get carried away shopping and trying to justify each item as a MUST?? well that was me. 

The two clarins products are smaller sized which as i spoke to a clarins assistant i explained that ive been wanting to try out some skincare bits and she offered me this two to try. First up is the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. This is one that ive seen quite hyped up around the blogging world for some time and ive always wanted to try a gel cleanser. Ive been using it for a couple of weeks and so far i really like it so a little review may be coming up. Also given was the Clarins Gentle Refiner which is a exfoliator with tiny microbeads that are gentle on the skin. Yet to try this one out but im looking forward to it!!

The two Origins products are my favourite purchases. I have already done a review on the smaller sized Origins drink up mask and i purchased the full size as ive been loving it that much. At first i thought i didnt need this product in my routine but i was so sadly mistaken. It just gives all the needed hydration into your skin and i think £20.00 is a bit much but i think it will last a good while. The Origins Clear Improvement mask again was one ive been wanting to try out and its targeted at congested and clogged pores. Ive used this a few times and its another item that is slowly introduced into my skincare routine. 

The Good Things Five Minute Facial Mask was just one that i wanted to try out. The smell is amazing and so fruity :) It is also free from all the nasty things which i really like about it. Yet to try it out so i will keep you posted if i enjoy it. 

The Sanctuary Body Scrub is one that ive repurchased in the travel size again as i use it for when im travelling and its a good body scrub that isnt overly scented and leaves your skin so smooth and soft. Added with exfoliating gloves and its the perfect combo!!

The two eyeliners black and white are the Rimmel Kohl Eye Pencils for the waterline. Ive been using these both for years and they last me awhile. I love wearing the black for more definition and dramatic look and the white eyeliner for brightening my eyes. 

The Collection 2000 Fake Up Mascara was on offer when i brought it so i thought why not il try it out. As of yet i havent tried it out but the wand looks amazing and exactly what i like. I just hope it isnt too clumpy. 

And finally i brought the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. Oh my days!! I have already been using this and why have i not brought it before?!! A review soon on it :)

And that is all that i brought. Hope you liked this mini overview of the things i have brought. 

Have you brought anything lately? Any recommendations? :)

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