Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I Love Body Shop.....

I love Body Shop. For me its like being a kid at a sweet store. All the products are of such amazing quality and can last a long time. If you have never tried body shop products then what have you been doing? seriously?!! I love that they stand for no animal testing as i am a big animal lover so in my eyes that has earned my respect. 

Four very small little treats i brought myself the other day....

I have mentioned before and have done a review on the Tea Tree Face Mask (£10.00). Its lasted me a good few months as i only use it once every week but it really helps to cool down the redness of spots and make them reduce in size. It works wonders if you use it every week and ive seen a really noticeable difference in my skin from using it.  

The Intensive Foot Rescue (£9.00) is a  new product for me. My feet have been very dry from working in the spa so i thought by using this it will get some moisture back into them and can prepare them for wearing sandals when the weather warms up. 

The Strawberry Body Butter (£5.00) is a firm favourite of mine, the smell is amazing. The lotion is really hydrating and bring so much moisture back into your skin. I love that you can really smell the lotion not that its too much and ive had many compliments when ive put the lotion on in the day. I like to buy this when i want abit of a treat for my skin as i find it so nourishing and works well on getting rid of any dry patches too. 

The last item is a new item that i havent tried before and its the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion (£13.00). Its an exfoliator thats removes dead skin cells for a more brighter complexion. It helps to improve skin texture and tone. So far so good and i think i will do a full review if i see a difference in the next few weeks.

What are your must haves or treats from The Body Shop?


  1. I like the look of the oot rescue, I've never seen them before! I love the mango and papaya body butter and the satsuma shower gel xx

    1. The foot rescue is amazing for the heels :) ive never tried the shower gels :( xx

  2. I love body shop products! Will have some reviews on them coming soon as have some good stuff to share :) lovely blog! X

    1. Oohb sounds good beaut :) body shop is a lovely place for some good treats :P xx


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