Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy 1 Year Of Blogging

So exactly a year today was when i first set up ' Love -X- Beauty'. I had no idea on where i wanted the blog to go or what i wanted to achieve from it apart from that i knew i wanted to share my passion of all things beauty and fashion related. I am so so happy in how far it has grown over the year and i still see it purely as hobby and something that i dont want to see as a 'chore' or posts being forced. In the year i have had times where i just completely have writers blog and have found that scheduling posts is my best friend. I love how sometimes i will write out posts in the pure excitement of finding an amazing product that has wowed me so much. 

Most of all i just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that follows my blog and leaves me lovely comments :) everytime you interact me with i feel so happy and i love blogging so much. 

Again following on from my 2014 post i have so many ideas for my blog this year and i cannot wait to share them all with you! i will be coming at you all with a handful of posts. 

Happy 1st year of blogging to my blog yayyyyyy! 


I love & read every comment :) and will reply back as soon as i can so make sure you check back!!. If you would like a quicker response then tweet me (@LovexBeauty91) or send me an email. Would love to hear from you. Lots of Love Emily xx